Jacqueline Moore

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Jac is feisty, fresh and fun! She’s a little bit cute too and romantic ( in a good kinda way, not a puke puke romantic way) and to the horror of most Whiz Bangers she’s a big, nay HUGE fan of Ed Sheeran.

Jac has been in the Brisbane wedding circuit for a number of years now working as a wedding planner at venues like Victoria Park Golf Complex and Brisbane Racing Club (which is how she and Alana first met) and for catering companies in the city.

Things we think you need to know upfront about Jac:

– she’s a gusher and will cry at the movies.

– cheese could be a life sustaining food group for her.

– her puppy Florence may own more novelty jumpers and costumes that you thought were ever possible for one little dog.

– not much excites her more than fixing up a bad spreadsheet and she’s a total grammar Nazi. There’s a very good chance that you couples will never be finding typos and spelling mistakes in any of her registered documents!!!

– she has moxie! Don’t think she’ll shy away from an arm wrestle with the boys or the dance floor when a Beyonce track drops.

If you want to get married by the Sex And The City version of ‘the girl next door,’ hit Jac up now!

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