Alana Salm

Marriage Celebrant and Professional Party Starter

Marriage Celebrant 

Professional Party Starter

Since she was a little girl Alana Salm has been telling people that she was going to be a hairdresser and a famous performer when she grew up. Who would have guessed that she’d actually follow through?! Well, that’s if you consider her rep as a very  Funny and Entertaining Marriage Celebrant and Host to grant her moderate fame…

After an 18-year career as a hairdresser, she ticked that one off the list and became very well known for doing bridal work. At the same time, she was getting a rep for being an entertaining and engaging lady and that has morphed into her current occupation as wedding celebrant extraordinaire and public speaker. She may not be famous, but she’s certainly a performer – one that can hold an audience’s attention and create a vibe where fun can flourish.

Alana has a flair for storytelling, a wicked sense of humour and the energy of a children’s entertainer. She doesn’t do boring and she doesn’t do normal so if traditional weddings are your thing, you’re barking up the wrong tree. Her favorite part of her a ceremony?

“I really do love telling the couples story. I spend sooo much time researching, drafting and telling my husband the jokes I have planned. When I see the shock and joy on the laughing faces I am just over the moon.”

Alana is a big supporter of her friends in the wedding community so wouldn’t let us pass without thanking Just For Love Wedding Photography + Film, Florido Weddings, Deezinger Images & Soda Photography for the great pics featured on her profile here.

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14 reviews

  1. Her energy is contagious and you just want to be near her.

    Alana is a super woman. She gives with all her heart, and her vivacious energy just makes you wanna dance.

    Make her your celebrant, you won’t be sorry!

  2. High-energy, personal ceremonies with a difference

    Alana is not your average celebrant! She is full of enthusiasm, super-high energy and kooky ceremony ideas. Gone are the days of stuffy, monotone personalities! If you want bucketloads of happy and a little of the unexpected, then don’t think, just choose Alana!

  3. If you want a fun and unique wedding ceremony then look no further

    Alana was just the kind of celebrant we wanted for our wedding. Someone a bit different, fun and entertaining. We had a medieval themed wedding and Alana was more then happy to oblige and get into theme, adding fun little medieval references into the wording and dressing the part, down to a cloak and homemade rosemary head garland! It was a unique and fun ceremony that included the audience and brought in personal jokes. All the guests said it was such a wonderful ceremony and so ‘us’ and actually entertaining to watch and listen too. Thank you so much for marrying us Alana and making the ceremony a special and memorable kick off to our amazing wedding day, we had a blast!

    If you want your wedding day to be unique, fun and suit you personally, not just be some fixed, boring speech that anyone can use, then we would defintley recommend this fun loving and happy lady!

  4. Incredible celebrant

    Alana is aruly amazing! What an incredible ceremony my new hubby and I were able to have because of Alana. She was incredibly upbeat, listened and helped us plan out some incredible ideas.

    We would truly recommend Alana if you want a fun, quirky ceremony that your guests will never forget!

    1. Oh Lovely Liv!! Thanks so much for letting me start your party. The honor is all mine! xx

  5. Alana is so fun and amazing and thankfully based in Brissie!

    We chose Alana because we wanted a fun celebrant who was a bit different to the norm, somone who wouldnt put our guests to sleep. When we saw her profile online we were so chuffed to see she was based in Brisbane!! She looked so funky and fun and we had to pin her down for our wedding! And wow she was EXACTLY what we envisioned, but better! Alana brought so much fun to our wedding, we even had a karaoke song in the middle of the ceremony!! A great idea from Alana that at first we werent sure about but went down like a treat. There were lots of questions to answer leading up to the day, so Alana could create the perfect ceremony and not leave anyone or anything out. When we look back on the day, we just love the memories that Alana created and we couldnt recommend her enough!! Thanks so much Alana!! 🙂

  6. Fun and Different!

    I knew I had to have Alana as our celebrant when I read her online questionnaire and found out she loved The Mindy Project. We really wanted to have a fun ceremony that didn’t bore our guests to death and something that matched our own personalities. Alana did exactly this and we can’t thank her enough.

  7. Fun and Different!

    I knew I had to have Alana as our celebrant when I read her online questionnaire and found out she loved The Mindy Project. We really wanted to have a fun ceremony that didn’t bore our guests to death and something that matched our own personalities. Alana did exactly this and we can’t thank her enough.

  8. A++

    Alana was amazing! We had the most relaxed time creating our wedding ceremony. Alana had the best ideas to keep it fun and interactive. The last thing I wanted was a boring ceremony and Alana didn’t disappoint. We had the best time and our guests did too commenting on how fun the ceremony was!

  9. Had us laughing, crying & roaring!!

    We had a small elopement style ceremony with our immediate family, so having the ‘right’ celebrant was important to us. We wanted someone fun, flexible and untraditional. Alana was absolutely amazing and exceeded our expectations!! She had us all laughing, crying and roaring (our two little boys favourite past time). We loved her inclusive attitude, especially with involving our kids and nieces into the ceremony. She honestly was key to making our day relaxed and fun!! Couldn’t recommend her enough!!

  10. Amazeballs

    When we were looking for a celebrant we wanted somone different, ours wasn’t going to be a ‘traditional’ wedding and we wanted a real personality to tell our story and boy did we get one.
    From the start Alana was really easy to get on with, reassuring, confident in what she did, full of information and ideas but mostly she made us feel like we were mates. In the build up to the wedding she bounced Ideas back and forth and was a great help to me with my vows. I gave her a load of jumbled words and she made them work.
    On the day of the wedding she was brilliant, she mingled with guests while we were waiting for the bride, she joked about had a really calm persona about her.
    I had to warn a couple of people that she wasn’t gonna be a ‘normal’ celebrant and those people were amazed by her as we all were. She just made our day brilliant it was so personal she involved everyone and we had a blast.
    Heaps of guests asked ‘where the hell did you find her, she’s awesome’
    Well we found her here on the whiz bang weddings club.
    Thanks Alana keep doing your awesome work mate.

  11. Funny, engaging, full of love!

    Alana bought a certain sparkle to our day – so many guests have commented saying how our ceremony was like nothing they’d been to before, it was funny and engaging and not your typical ceremony.

    We really let Alana really take the lead in how the ceremony panned out, and we’re so glad we did. From the bang-on re-telling of how we met, to the secretly planned sing along to a song from our past, it really was an absolutely perfect personalised ceremony.

    I wish we could get married again to re-live it all!

  12. Out of 10 - we totally would give her a 20!

    Alana was recommended to us by my Hairdresser as the perfect celebrant for us! And that she was!!!

    We were having a surprise wedding / housewarming party and wanted it to be fun / low key and simple. She did more than this! She made it hilarious / entertaining and just what we wanted. We don’t do the “normal way” and her style and outgoing personality was exactly what we needed!

    Alana was an absolute rockstar – Before the day she made us feel like we had made the right decision within 5 minutes of meeting her. She knew the right questions to ask and gathered her “intel” on us very well and not in a crazy overbearing way.

    If you want your wedding to be awesome / fun with a dash of crazy – then she is your woman! Cant recommend her enough 🙂

    On the day, she arrived and mingled with our guests telling a few porky pies not to give away the surprise. We really had no idea how or what she had planned and we loved that – it was fun and exciting. We laughed so much through the ceremony; we sang with the crowd and we cried just a little….. 🙂
    The whole thing was so much fun! Every guest couldn’t stop saying how Awesome she was and that was the most fun they had at a wedding.

  13. No formulaic carbon copy ceremony here.

    Alana really took the time to get to know us and to work with us to craft an individual ceremony that was fun and quirky. She provided lots of practical advice on how to make a wedding ceremony fun and inclusive for a wide range of people including kids and the elderly. She also went out of her way to ensure that all of the special people who were invested in the ceremony were acknowledged and included as much as possible. Our guests laughed, they cried ,they had a bloody good time during the service . You know you’ve picked the right celebrant when guests go out of their way to find out where they can contact her should they ever need to. Thank you Alana.

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