So you think you got BANG? Apply here to join!

The Whiz Bang Wedding Club is a party mix of fab personalities, peeps that are in different phases of their celebrant journey and we’ve worked hard to put in packages that are tailored to give you the best bang for your buck, and give you support that is relevant to where you are at.

We reckon there are about 4 phases celebs might find themselves in. So which Celeb Phase best describes where you are at and what can WB do for you? Click through to our package details… and a secret one for hardcore celebs at the end!

Rookie Celebrant


Just starting out as a celeb
'Stick in the Mud' Celebrant

Stick in the Mud

Feeling sluggish and things need a pick-me-up
'Got Skin in the Game' Celebrant

Got Skin in the Game

Working at building your business
'Boomer' Celebrant


Happy & want to take it easy but still get rad bookings

Do you still have an itch that we haven’t scratched?

Are you looking for something more hardcore??

The last thing we have on the menu might be the thing that hits the spot but it’s not something to take lightly and we don’t go offering it Willy Nilly!

If you are looking for the Whole Shebang we recommend the ‘Full Muse Intensive Group Experience.’

Full Muse Intensive Group Experience

Full Muse Intensive Group Experience

Ideal for people starting from scratch as a new celebrant or for someone wanting to totally reinvent their brand